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About Love Letter Books

The concept for Love Letter Books came from a deep love for reading and a belief in the magic of bookstore. We will carry both new and used books for readers of all ages. You'll see our love of genre fiction reflected on the shelves from romance to mystery to thriller to sci fi and fantasy. Our goal is to be a bookstore for everyone in our neighborhood. If there is something you love to read that you can't find at our store, please let us know, and we'll do what we can to make it available for you.

You can find us at our primary location on the corner of Harrison Ave and Urwiler Avenue next to W Bar and Bistro. We are located in the vibrant Westwood Town Hall District which includes coffee shops, restaurants, bars, an ice cream parlor, a dog park, a playground and more! We are also excited to be within the Westwood DORA which means you can get a drink from one of the nearby bars or restaurants to enjoy while you shop. Check out our events page for more information!

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